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Incorporate Online
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Learn how to start, build and run your own computer reseller business from home. Sell from over 500,000 brand new computer hardware and software products. No inventory! All computer products are drop-shipped directly to your customers by top, wholesale, computer product distributors with your business name on the box.    
Drop-shipping, modern technology and the internet, makes it easy to run your computer reseller business from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Your website visitors cant see you. They can only see your online store, which is just one of the reasons why an online computer reseller business makes this the perfect home business opportunity.  
Get set-up with the best, computer product, hardware and software, drop-ship distributors. On this website, you'll have access to an extensive directory of the best computer product distributors in the US, UK, and Canada with complete contact details as well. Drop-ship distributing makes running a computer reseller business convenient.  
Computer hardware and software products continue to be the best selling products online. And thanks to the Inet Start Computer Reseller Course, you'll be able to sell from over 500,000 brand new and brand name computer hardware and software products online.  
Creating an e-commerce storefront has never been as easy and affordable as it is today. Our partner ecommerce solution providers Volusion, Shopify and BigCommerce offer complete ecommerce solutions that allow you to set up and run your online store with ease. Add products, customize your store's design, accept credit card orders and more.

On this website, you'll learn everything there is to know about internet marketing and how to use the most effective, internet marketing techniques to bring targeted traffic to your website each and every day. You'll learn everything there is to know on how to start, build and run your own computer reseller business from home.
Get started now!
The following is a brief, step-by-step business plan on how to start, build, and run your own computer reseller business from home to help you get started right away.

1.  Create your company name.
2.  Register your company/business name.
3.  Form your business structure; i.e. Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Partnership etc.
4.  Obtain your business/occupational license (if applicable).
5.  Obtain your resellers license (sales tax license or VAT license).
6.  Select and get signed up with the distributors of your choice.
7.  Choose which products/product lines (niche market) you're going to specialize in.
8.  Read and learn about the products you're going to be selling.
9.  Decide if you're going to build your own e-store or have it built for you.
10. Choose a webhost provider with hosting plan.
11. Create and register your domain name.
12. Choose your web development software, (if you're going to build your own estore)
13. Start building your Internet storefront.
14. Set up your merchant account.
15. Complete your Internet storefront.
16. Promote, market and advertise your Internet storefront.
17. Then wait for the orders to start coming in.

Write a simple step-by-step business plan just as you see here and then follow each step until your computer reseller business is up and running.
GETTING STARTED: (Click on title links)  
How to Become a Successful Computer Reseller
Rules, Tips and Principles for Guaranteed Success
7 Lessons From The Richest Man On Earth
Overcoming Fear of Failure
Your Step-by-Step Computer Reseller Business Plan
Start-up Costs on a Shoestring Budget
Why Choose a Niche Product Market
How to Choose Your Niche Market
How to Create Your Business Name
Should You Use a PO Box?
How to Register Your Business Name
How to Choose Your Legal Business Structure
Sole Proprietorship
Limited Liability Companies
File your incorporation or LLC. Incorporate Your Business Online
How to Obtain Your Sales Tax License (resellers’ license) U.S.
CANADA: (Click on title links)  
Starting a Computer Reseller Business in Canada
Registering Your Business and Business Name in Canada
Provincial Registrars for Canada
Registration for GST/HST and PST in Canada
UNITED KINGDOM: (Click on title links)  
Starting a Computer Reseller Business in the UK
Registering for VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UK
CHOOSING YOUR NICHE MARKET: (Click on title links)  
How to Choose Your Computer Product Niche Market
List of Computer Product Manufacturers
Top Selling Computer Products to Sell
Know Your Computer Products Well
OEM Computer Products Explained
Refurbished Computer Products Explained
Building and Selling Custom Configured Computer Systems
Ingram Micro Computer Systems Integration Services and Training
TechData Computer Systems Integration Services
Avnet Computer Systems Integration Services
Synnex Computer Systems Integration Services
Infotel Distributors Computer Systems Integration Services
ASI Corp Computer Systems Integration Services
SED Custom Computer Configuration Services
GETTING SET-UP WITH DISTRIBUTORS: (Click on title links)  
How the Computer Product Distribution System Works
How to Pick the Right Computer Products Distributors for Your Business
Getting Signed Up with Computer Product Distributors
The Top Computer Product Distributor's List
More Computer Product Distributors
Integration & Custom Computer Configuration Distributors
Top Computer Product Liquidators
ASCII Computer Reseller Group
Canada Computer Products Distributors
Canada Computer Products Liquidators
United Kingdom Computer Products Distributors
How to Get Your Internet Storefront Up and Running
How to Build Your Own Computer Reseller Internet Storefront
The Importance of Computer Product Images and Specification Pages
Choosing Your Web Building Software
Using a Web Site Template for Your Computer Product Online Store
Website Design Plan and Organization
Storefront Graphic Design Basics
Creating Your Company Logo
Creating Search Engine Optimized Computer Product Pages
Creating a Content Rich Computer Reseller Website
How to Choose Your Web Host Provider
How to Choose Your Domain Name
Check Domain Name Availability at
Top 10 Web Host Providers
Top 10 Pro eCommerce Solutions
Top Storefront Website Developers
Internet Storefront Shopping Carts Explained
Payment Processing Explained
Merchant Accounts Explained
Integrating PayPal as an Additional Payment Processing Solution
More Merchant Account Providers and Resources
All Merchant Account Providers
United Kingdom Merchant Account Providers and Resources
How to Set your Pricing and Profit Margins on Computer Products
Maintaining and Updating your Computer Reseller Website
MERCHANT WAREHOUSE: Get your own merchant account with Merchant Warehouse, The #1 merchant account provider for processing credit card transactions. FREE Setup, FREE Application, NO Contract, NO Cancellation Fees, Lowest Cost Guaranteed, FREE Technical Support and more. Visit website now..  
Computer Reseller Internet Marketing Explained
Search Engines Explained
Who's Who in the Major Search Engines
Search Engine Marketing and Optimization pt.1
Search Engine Marketing and Optimization pt.2
Pay Per Click Marketing
Link Building and Link Exchanging
Buying Text Link Ads for Your Computer Reseller Business
Email Marketing for Computer Resellers
Article Marketing Explained
Computer Reseller Press Release Marketing
Banner Advertising for Computer Resellers
Discussion Forum Marketing
Placing Ads in Computer Products Magazines
Offering Free Shipping on Your Computer Reseller Store
Should You Get an 800 Toll Free Number?
How to Compete Selling Computer Products Online
Canada Internet Marketing Resources for Computer Resellers
United Kingdom Internet Marketing Resources for Computer Resellers
Canada Top Search Engines
United Kingdom Top Search Engines
Getting Started Selling Computer Products on eBay
What Computer Products to Sell on eBay?
Sell Brand New, OEM, Used or Refurbished Computer Products on eBay?
Listing Computer Products on eBay
After the Auction
How to Run a Computer Reseller Business from Home
Answering Emails Efficiently
How to Deal with Customers
How to Not Have to Deal with Customers
Taking and Placing Orders
How to Pay for Computer Products Using Your Customers’ Money
How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud
Collecting Sales Tax for Internet Sales (US, UK, and Canada)
How to Charge for Shipping
Shipping Computer Products International and Over Seas
How to Handle Technical Support on Computer Products
How Do You Get Paid
How to Handle Computer Product Returns
Sample Return Policy and Procedures
Sample Privacy Policy
Sample Terms and Conditions Policy
Final Thoughts
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Top Selling Computer Products
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Opening Your Online Store
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Selling Computer Products on eBay
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